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Armstrong loses aura of invincibility

Saturday July 25, 2009
LANCE ARMSTRONG'S fight for third place has made him a bigger target than during his reign as the seven-time Tour de France champion.

Watch This Space

Saturday August 9, 2008
EARLY in the season, Skilled Park on the Gold Coast was a veritable killing field. Every team that visited the home of the Titans headed home with their tails kicked. But since losing Scott Prince and Luke Bailey, the Titans have transformed into the Midgets, losing six of their past seven games. The Knights will be in no mood to show them any mercy. Foxtel's live telecast on Monday kicks off at 7pm.


Tuesday July 8, 2008
Mighty midgets

Southside Story

Thursday August 23, 2007
WHEN it comes to the grapevine, these midgets have no trouble "squashing" the competition.

Love Dares To Hope Where Genes Block The Way

Wednesday May 9, 2007
INSIDE AUSTRALIA: SHORT STORIES 8pm, SBS: A series of four docos about life, love, identity, family, hope and death among Australians of well below average height. Once pejoratively termed midgets or dwarfs - or nowadays "vertically challenged" - people who suffer from this form of disability face a range of problems beyond simple prejudice. In the first instalment we meet Amanda and Damian, a couple who are determined to have a baby despite the odds facing any progeny of two short-statured ...

Giant Is Slain - And Midgets Are Dancing On The Body

Saturday February 24, 2007
The rest of the world is revelling in Australia's fall, but just how deep is the crisis surrounding our cricket team, asks Andrew Stevenson.

Metal Poisoning

Friday December 2, 2005
This time motley crue want to set alight midgets, not Tommy Lee.

Jones To Fire Basic Instinct

Monday October 13, 2003
Coach Eddie Jones said yesterday Australia wanted to prove over the next fortnight, when they meet two midgets of world rugby Romania and Namibia, that they had not lost their killer instinct.

Jerry Springer Has A Yen To Leave The Trailer Trash Behind

Thursday June 5, 2003
After 13 years of providing a daily dose of punch-throwing midgets and psychic strippers, the Jerry Springer Show may soon come to an end, its host said in Melbourne yesterday.

Short In Stature, Long On Courage No Stopping France's Mighty Midgets

Thursday January 25, 2001
There's nothing like a French comedy to upstage a Russian tragedy.

Spare Me The Mental Midgets

Tuesday June 13, 2000
TONI Collette may not have won a Tony Award as best lead actress in a musical, but it had her name all over it. Our Toni received favourable reviews as a gin-soaked chorus girl in The Wild Party, a musical adaptation of Joseph Moncure March's 1928 poem about a group of vaudeville performers hell-ben

Spielberg Lost And Found

Saturday May 31, 1997
THE LOST WORLD (PG) Starring Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Vince Vaughn, Pete Postlethwaite Critic's Warning: Non-tot-sized body maulings, swarms of scary dino-midgets 'I'VE found something!" trills the cute little English kid frolicking with a miniature dinosaur on a tropical island

On Tour With Circus Oz

Thursday May 18, 1995
So you have finally run away with a circus. Not just any circus; you have chosen Circus Oz, because they don't poke fun at midgets, fat ladies and elephants, and won't feed you to a lion if you misbehave. Also, Circus Oz is touring Australia at the moment so you can get to see all the towns and citi

Debt-laden National Airlines Threaten Some Tiny Pacific Economies

Wednesday December 21, 1994
One of the proudest symbols of independence among the micro-States dotted through the South Pacific is the national airline. But a new investigation of these airline midgets conducted by Australian aviation consultants has confirmed that many of them have been badly managed, are wallowing i

Group 1 Gav Returns, And Quickly Back Into The Swing

Saturday December 10, 1994
Man, he's seen them all. Gene Kruppa, Buddy Rich. What weight did they ride at? They were drummers when the bands were big and the jockeys midgets. But for Gavan Eades drums are a passion, riding is work. "I always played before I went into the stables," he said.

Expectations Grate On Rocca

Saturday September 10, 1994
AS if his shot-putter's body was not hard enough to hide among the relative midgets of the AFL, Saverio Rocca had to go and kick 73 goals in his first full season at full-forward for Collingwood. That might mean a gold pass and drinks card at any nightclub in Melbourne, but it is not the recommen

Norris Slams Critics Of `friendship' Trip

Tuesday July 21, 1992
One of two retiring state MPs who returned from an Asian ``friendship" trip yesterday accused ``political mental midgets" of damaging Victoria's relationship with key provinces in China and Japan. Mr Terry Norris, the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, denied that the taxpayer-

A Red Will Add Sparkle On Melbourne Cup Day

Thursday October 31, 1991
IT seems an odd cause for celebration, but somehow when the Melbourne Cup rolls around people start casting about for a good sparkling wine. Down in Bleak City they apparently have this obscure rite in which horses with midgets bouncing on their backs gallop around in circles while humans

Teenage Petrol Heads Find Age Is Not A Barrier To Speedway Stardom

Wednesday December 20, 1989
At the tender age of 13, Californian motor-racing prodigy Jeff Gordon had already won more than 500 races in the quarter-scale midgets class. But that's kids stuff. Gordon wanted to race the adults-only, V8-powered, 650 brake horsepower sprintcars; the Formula Ones of speedway racing. He w

Hi Fi's Mini Marvels

Monday December 28, 1987
THE BOSE Acoustimass loudspeakers which recently took out the 1987 Australian High Fidelity Grand Prix award for technical development are little charmers which may point to an interesting trend in audio thinking. Little? Midgets would be more like it. The two main Acoustimass speakers compri